Click Furniture Technology
Thursday, May 27, 2021, 07:30 CEST
Click Furniture Technology
Faster (and easier) than you think
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With Click Furniture Technology, everything becomes easier. Simply click the components together and you're done. The idea comes from Välinge and Homag developed a suitable production process for manufacturing this click system. Välinge is a Swedish company that is no stranger to the flooring industry. The installation of wood and laminate flooring has been really simplified by their system of click flooring. This idea started the successful collaboration between the two companies. The two innovation drivers have developed solutions that enable mass production of such click furniture. In the forum, the experts will talk about an exciting concept from the furniture industry.

Main topics in the forum:

  • Fabian Kalmbach, HOMAG - Technical view on the topic of click furniture production, explanation of different concepts for application stages, technical specification and relationship with Välinge
  • Ulrich Drissler, HOMAG - Sales view, target markets for HOMAG, customer group, advantage/profit of HOMAG customers in the solution (all from ener hand)
  • Mindaugas Zacharenko, Välinge - license rights, prerequisites for the customer, target markets for Välinge, cooperation with HOMAG
  • Mr. Marko Melter, CEO TNC - decision/ way to produce click furniture, market estimation - why is click furniture interesting, which customer group buys click furniture, in which radius will click furniture be delivered, cooperation with HOMAG and Välinge
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