Apps and digital building blocks for your workshop - An overview
Friday, May 14, 2021, 17:00 CEST
Apps and digital building blocks for your workshop - An overview
Solutions for your workstations in your shop
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The whole industry is talking about digitalization in the workshop - but how do you actually tackle this in your own company? There are numerous approaches, possibilities and strategies - but which way is the right one? In search of your individual approach, we provide detailed answers to the following questions: - Which software tools, apps and digital products are available? - Can I try them out simply and easily without having to invest large sums of money? - Are there simple solutions that can eliminate various obstacles in everyday work (e.g. organizing materials or sorting parts)? - How can you slowly start to use digital helpers in the workshop? We have developed powerful and smart solutions for your shop. With our intelligent assistants and apps that provide you with targeted support at individual workstations. Start individually with one assistant of your choice and add more if you need them. In our online event, we will give you an insight into our possibilities - and how we can take the path to digitization together, step by step. Drop by and ask us all your questions: we are looking forward to it.
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