The Cutting Assistant: The Cutting Production Set
Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 17:00 CEST
The Cutting Assistant: The Cutting Production Set
Optimization & label printing for ANY saw
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Our cutting assistant supports you in optimizing your cutting patterns, labeling the parts and in the cutting process on your manual sliding table saw. Simply optimize your cutting patterns with a click and transfer them to the app on your tablet in the workshop. There, you work through the cutting pattern with the help of a clear display in the app - and print an individual label for each part. This way, each workpiece has all the information for subsequent machining operations. The assistant was developed for use on ALL sliding table saws, vertical panel saws or horizontal panel saws - regardless of type, age and manufacturer. NEW FUNCTION: Reuse of offcuts: offcuts created can be easily labeled with a click and registered for reuse in the next optimization. This not only saves time, but also reduces material costs. Drop by and ask us all your questions: we are looking forward to it.
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